Centre de Quartier avec Commerces, Services et Bureaux une locomotive au développement du plateau de Kirchberg à Luxembourg

1990 -1998; 2015 - actualité: adaptations

Just a few kilometers from central Luxembourg, the rapidly expanding district of Kirchberg has been enriched with a prestigious commercial Centre.

A spacious mall and a luxurious shopping gallery form part of the complex which includes various office areas, a three-store underground car park and several bars and restaurants.

The different parts of the complex are linked together by a five-store gallery designed to conform to the latest standards on shopping comfort. The combined steel-glass gallery roof maximized the use of natural lighting to create a bright and pleasant atmosphere.

The building itself had to comply with various requirements to ensure the complex's flexibility in construction, use and efficiency. The overall dimensions meant that no crane could reach all parts of the complex at the same time, increasing the demand upon design flexibility. For this reason, the structural design concept was based on steel columns and beams with a standard column grid of 8.4 m x 16.8 m.

Additionally, construction had to start before every detail of the design had been finalized. It was therefore essential that the method of construction chosen provided the elements of flexibility and ease of construction. Off-site-assembly of prefabricated elements was selected providing the additional advantage of short construction time and high quality detailing.

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